SATA port multiplier support

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Of course if it's 2x the Bpi price, interest is questionable

You might find PMs with the successor SiI3826 eg. from Addonics. But since the SATA host adapter also has to provide FIS-enabled switching I would believe you're out of luck with an A20 based device like the BananaPi.

I still believe the best choice for low power ARM based SATA storage is either Marvell Kirkwood (see for details) or Armada (since they're designed with this specific 'use case' in mind and come already 'FIS enabled'). Unfortunately Solid-run doesn't sell their original CuBox any longer...

Reply 38# thermopyle I am not a home this week and can't compile a kernel here, you have to wait until beginning of next week.


are there any news to this topic? I'd like to buy a PM, but need to know, which one will work ...

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I have a model jmb321 and when connected to my system OMV 1 disk everything works ok. Tomorrow I will test on more disks. I use BanaNAS OMV system

Ok I have a problem. How can disable AHCI_HFLAG_NO_PMP on Raspbian?

cyryllo replied at Tue Nov 18, 2014 02:17
Ok I have a problem. How can disable AHCI_HFLAG_NO_PMP on Raspbian?

You need to recompile your kernel. Or you wait and point the people behind the Raspian release for Banana Pi to this thread and ask them if they could backport the upcoming pmp module solution the ARM kernel guys seem to develop for 3.18.

I try bulding kernel,_script.bin_and_linux-kernel#Building_the_kernel
But can't find u-boot-sunxi-with-spl.bin and script.bin

Can recompile kernel on my system on Banana Pi?

You just need to recompile the kernel. If done on the Banana Pi it will take a few hours. And don't forget to patch the one specific file prior to 'make':

BTW: I've no idea about the location of /boot on Raspbian. Maybe you better ask in the Raspbian subforum...

Ok. My mistake. There I read. I worked it out and it worked Thanks for the hints. I compiled the kernel and modules, and loaded on the card and it works fine.

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dupont-y replied at Sun Oct 5, 2014 04:27
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I can also confirm that banana pi WORKS with sata ...

I can't better tranfer between two disk then 25MB/s.

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