SATA port multiplier support

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for 2.: found them myself:

As I wrote before there seems to be a reason this is disabled per default. When I "hacked" the source and run the newly compiled kernel, the BPI didn't recognize my SATA drive when NO multiplier was connected. When the multiplier was added in-between the drive (and three others) where recognized just fine and worked well.

We (=Bananian developers) didn't worked on this at all but we are very happy about every information.

One of the Allwinner FAE told me that they also did not test sata multiplier. The A20 is mainly used on MIDI pad with Android. But from olihey's test, it seems that it can work on sata multiplier, but it need the multiplier connecting always.

Have recompiled the kernel with PMP Support again and it's working again. Haven't tried to use it without port Multiplier, though.
It's working for me like this.

Could you create and host a 2nd image of bananian with pmp enabled?  I'm looking to try this out but recompiling the kernal is not something I'm comfortable doing.

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   I think I read somewhere that A20 does not support port multiplier.

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I could compile a separate kernel and provide it for download. Would that help you?

Hi all,
rwelteroth, Bananian, thermopyle:
I am also looking for a PMP support activation. I am newbie in linux, so expresions like "recompile kernel" sounds difficult to me.
Please can you provide something like "PMP support activation for dummies".
Thanks in advance.

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I can also confirm that banana pi WORKS with sata port multiplier (in my case , Jmicron JMB321 (1 to 5 sata, no raid) based).
You have to configure your kernel with PMP AND patch linux-sunxi/drivers/ata/sw_ahci_platform.c
as explained before.

Anyway, perf is not that  great, I can't do better than 100 MB/s aggregate bandwidth, no matter if I use 1 disk or 3 disks in the same time. Don't know where the limitation is; jmicron chipset, A20 cpu, sw_ahci driver, linux pmp support still young, or board limitation...

Still, having more than 1 SATA drive is great for me.

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