[SOLVED] SATA really 2TB limited?

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Hi community,

I'm planning to replace my perfectly working 2 TB HDD connected to the SATA interface (3,5", external power supply) with a 4 TB drive. The specifications (www.lemaker.org) say, that the SATA interface is limited to 2 TB, but I read, that the SATA functionality is similar to the cubietruck, which definitely supports 4 TB.

Can anybody confirm, that the Banana Pi is supporting a 4 TB HDD drive via SATA?

Thanks in advance and best regards,
Okay, I can confirm that a 4 TB HDD on the SATA interface is working like a charm.

Good news, in the future I may upgrade my 1T HDD to 4T

Can you post your HDD and Software Setup? Im interested to build a NAS with a 6TB WD red with Owncload and XBMC (24/7 system)

@Johnny91: Sure. I use Arch Linux running on the Banana Pi. The HDD is a WD 4 TB Green connected via SATA-L to eSATA-I Cable (as mentioned earlier). No problems here, running the system 24/7.
I'm going to setup Owncloud the next days, so I cannot give you hints on doing that at the moment. But I know, that XBMC is currently not working perfectly on the BPi due to the lack of Mali 400 acceleration. I managed to build XBMC on my machine, to get it up and running, but without appropriate 1080p support. However, to run 1080p files flawlessly, you could use libvdpau-sunxi with mplayer.

Thank you, ryad. When do you think ist this problem with XBMC fixed? Maybe i would buy an extra Raspberry PI for XBMC. Nevertheless it would be nicer to have just one Device for everything.

Whats your transferrate with the BPI, Arch Linux and the 4TB HDD?

You're welcome.

It's really hard to say, when the hardware acceleration will be fully implemented, see also the official documentation on how to build XBMC on Allwinner.

My average transfer rates are 115.5 MB/s reading, 39.4 MB/s writing. Via SMB and Gbit/s Ethernet connected devices I get reading/writing rates at about 42 MB/s.

You're welcome.

It's really hard to say, when the hardware acceleration will be fully implemented,  ...
ryad Posted at 2014-9-5 04:52

Did you overclock your Banana to get 42MB/s? Could you please share your smb.conf file?

Nice Transferrate. My Alternative was to build a NAS with an AMD 5350, 8TB RAM und an ITX Board (+Puwer Supply, SSD and Case ~250€). But I think that the BPI is enough for me becauce the NAS is just for me (no other Users in the Network) and my goals (Owncload, minidlna for the TV, File sharing for my Desktop PC and Laptop)

Why did you choose Arch Linux? Im a little bit afraid of using ARCH because I have no experiance with it. I heard quite often that Arch ist quite fast because there are only the necessary on it. Can you confirm this for the BPI Version?

@ AlphaHeX: I did not overclock my BPi. My smb.conf only has one share definition, which is more or less default. Make sure, all your connected devices support Gbit/s Ethernet to achieve  such transfer rates.

@ Johnny91: You really don't need to be afraid to learn Arch. The documentation in the wiki is excellent.  I started with Arch back in 2009 and would recommend it to everyone willing to learn Linux in detail. Of course you gain the knowledge to tweak you system for your individual needs. As you know and control exactly what kind of software you installed, you have an advantage compared to the pre-configured distributions. But to be fair, I don't think that there is such a big performance difference to other distributions. It's more an educational decision, especially when running on ARM hardware as you need to do a lot of stuff from scratch...

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