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I'm wondering, why Bananian image requires 4GB SD card. The actual amount of contained data is only about 300MB (not counting swap file, which is IMHO useless by default anyway). It could easily fit even on 512MB card. Lets say it's extreme, but with 1GB, after installing few additional things, there would still be enough space left, which would be sufficient for many uses.
Wouldn't it be better to have smaller default image? It would not hurt anyone with larger cards, because it can be easily expanded. And it would help people with smaller cards (I sure have several of them laying around and I don't think that I'm alone).
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Hi Sob,

you are right. I filed a bug and put it on the roadmap for our next release:

Thank you.

Suggestion for future versions: make it even smaller

I don't mean too much like 1GB (even though I would probably do it, but lets say 2GB is fine), just cut it down by few megabytes to fit on all cards. Version 14.09 image (2 032 664 576 bytes) is clearly larger than 2GB (1000-based bytes). And some cards marked as 2GB are even smaller. For example some of my spare ones (older SanDisks) are only 1 977 614 336 bytes and I guess that some even smaller might exist.

I have the same problem fitting onto a 2GB SD. I have shrink the image following this guide

I tried to resize previous 4GB image, but it didn't go well. I used manual way (resize2fs and fdisk) and I'm almost sure I didn't do anything wrong, but my BPi had different opinion. When booting from card, I got only steady green LED and nothing more.

I had the same problem when experimenting with manually created images, when I attempted to use any U-Boot other than the one from howto, namely one extracted from Bananian image and self-compiled one. That led me to believe that it was not my shrinking which made the image unbootable, but rather some strange U-Boot related problem.

I'll try your instructions and see what comes out of it.

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