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I'm new in this forum, so I'm sorry if there is a similar question here.

I'd like to use the banana pi like a server: I want to start it without display connected but, when I try it, the power led blinks only once, and when I restart the system with hdmi cable connected, the power led goes to fix, the status led (green) blinks correctly and the system too.

I don't know if I must create a particular hdmi cable or I must edit uenv.txt easly with particular configuration.

Can you help me please???
Which distro are you using?
With Raspbian 3.1 works perfectly, without making any modifications...

Bananian 14.08,

now I try with raspbian 3.1

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My Banana PI is crazy!!!
With Raspbian is the same, but I found a solution. It works with the follow configurations

- HDMI +  power from TV (0.5A), it works
- HDMI +  power from adapter USB Banana PI (2A), it doesn't works
- HDMI +  power from adapter USB Galaxy Tab 3 (2A), it doesn't works
- HDMI +  power from adapter USB iPhone (1A), it doesn't works

But when I try with adapter USB for my mobile phone Galaxy S3 MINI (0,7A) it works perfectly without HDMI

Have you any idea? What is the problem? Is possible that the problem is too many ampere?

Have you used the same usb-to-microusb cable with the 3 adapters which do not work?
Could it(the cable) be dropping a volt too many?

no, it couldn't, i've used the same usb-microusb cable, connected to usb tv port, and usb adapter, it's crasy! Now I make a simply short video to explain it.

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Please try with other HDMI cable, or connect ground of BPi with ground of TV (in TV you found ground in USB port, Euro port, or simply Cinch signal). It might be problem with ground signal between BPi and Your TV. When You power up BPi from USB port from TV you connect ground TV with ground of BPi, and it work.

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