USB WiFi Dongle Declaration

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you may have to add wlan0 to /etc/network/interfaces

  1. auto wlan0
  2. iface wlan0 inet dhcp
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I using the Edimax (7811) on both RaspberryPi and BananaPi. (Driver Realtek 8188CUS)
  without any problems.


I using the Edimax (7811) on both RaspberryPi and BananaPi. (Driver Realtek 8188CUS)
  without any p ...
dj9km Posted at 2014-8-4 01:46

Have you tested the edimax 7811 8188CUS under Android?

I don´t test it yet with android. I build the SD-Card with Raspian
for the bananaPi on my old raspberry board. If I received the
new banana (hope today)  I will checked it out on android.


Hi guys, I use Arch Linux with the Edimax 7811 and my wifi doesn´t work. I got it working from time to time, but after a reboot the wifi adapter is disconnected. Now I can´t even get it running. my wlan0 file in /etc/netctl/ looks like this:
Interface wlan0
When I can get an IP Address and an internet connection I have to activate the wifi stick manually everytime after a reboot. I tried so many things. This s*hit ain´t working.
sometimes I can´t enable the wlan0. Now when I try to activate it I get the message: Job for netctl@wlan0.service failed.

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Mine is RTL8188SU (Asus N10) seems like it is using r8712u driver. Any idea how to make it work on android?

Here is a link to my article testing eight different WiFi adapters with the Banana Pi.

The tests were run under Raspbian 3.1

Four work plugged directly into a BPi, eight work if you add a powered hub.

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Thanks for the info!
It would be nice the same for Android



I listed four adapters I find work with my Banana Pi without a powered hub

a total of eight that work with a powered hub

Hope this helps,


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   Avoid RT8192CUS based. It's crap.

I have one of those. 50% packet lost even with latest driver from company.

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