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[RP for BP] Use Banana PI as a FM broadcasting system

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This project is inspired by some similar projects on Rpi.

I just simply followed the guidance by first one --FMPI, but since it's wiki is all Chinese. I will show you how to make it, though it's fairly simple.
To install the fmpi, you just :
  1. wget https://github.com/ma6174/fmpi/archive/master.zip
  2. unzip master.zip
  3. cd fmpi-master
  4. sudo bash setup.sh
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it will install all the dependency.
To start it,just type:
  1. sudo bash start.sh
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Forget about the antenna thing. Enjoy your music. By the way, you can modify the FM radio in config.py.
I can't understand how it works. The raspberry pi fm "program" has it's own folder for the music. In fmpi-master "banana pi version" you have to have internet connection for the songs?? I tried to boot it with internet connection but still it doesn't transmit anything at the desired frequency "90.8". Please make a simpler ENGLISH version of this WITHOUT internet connection things. And what about the antenna? I know it's illegal to transmit to every frequency without licence but i need to know!
Please reply to this post as soon as possible! I need it!
Thanks for your time

good day,
any respond about the FM transmitter would be great!!! did anybody tried this? is this working?

I just tried it on my Banana Pi.
The program starts well, but the Pi does not transmit anything.

Pi-FaN replied at Tue Jan 6, 2015 10:15
I just tried it on my Banana Pi.
The program starts well, but the Pi does not transmit anything.

That's what i posted ,As you see no one answered me yet. Banana Pi is a great piece of equipment but it's lacking of community support.
If you have any news about fm transmitting with banana pi, Please sent me PM or reply to this comment.

I think that due to different hardware dependend stuff (DMA access, PWM speed for PLL, etc..) this software won't work as-is. If we have the right guy that know these things about the RPI and BPI he can port the software very easily. Tried it on both Raspbian for BP and Bananian, the results were same - it doesn't work.

Bump! Has anyone succeed with this ?

Anybody? :C

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