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wiringPI for Raspberry PI

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So this library works well on banana PI??

I am new owner of two banana pi board's, the system Boots with RASPBIAN very fast, the WIFI dongle recognizes it without a murmur, now I try to address the GPIO pin - and came across these entries - it does not have to be wiringPI but I need to know how the GPIO need to be addressed. I therefore also very interested in the development - has anyone had any experience with Android and the GPIO pins or UBUNTU -

thanks for the Supports

Reply 4# spili

This is a PIN definiton

And you should open the relative port in FEX file for CB image and .config file for android image, nEnv.txt for RP image.

hi, is there any useable port of wiringPi for the BP-Board now? i use the Raspian-Image,
thanks for the Info, Daniel

Reply 6# motsch

Raspbian v3.0 has porting into the wiringPi.

Reply 7# tony_zhang

thanks for reply... i check this ;)

Reply 9# vk4tux

what is RaspberryController ???
  1. ::pinMode(8, INPUT);        
  2. ::pinMode(9, INPUT);      
  3. ::pinMode(7, INPUT);      
  4. ::pinMode(0, INPUT);        
  5. ::pinMode(2, INPUT);
  6.         // Set pull ups on the input pins      
  7. ::pullUpDnControl(8, PUD_UP);      
  8. ::pullUpDnControl(9, PUD_UP);        
  9. ::pullUpDnControl(7, PUD_UP);      
  10. ::pullUpDnControl(0, PUD_UP);      
  11. ::pullUpDnControl(2, PUD_UP);
  12. ::pinMode(12, OUTPUT);        
  13. ::pinMode(13, OUTPUT);      
  14. ::pinMode(14, OUTPUT);      
  15. ::pinMode(11, OUTPUT);        
  16. ::pinMode(10, OUTPUT);      
  17. ::pinMode(6,  OUTPUT);      
  18. ::pinMode(5,  OUTPUT);        
  19. ::pinMode(4,  OUTPUT);
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pinMode and pullUpDnControl works

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