Boot From HDD/SSD (Trial)

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I can not be sure that method is feasible, but everyone who want to boot your root file system from hard disk such HDD/SSD can try it.

First the SD card should remain contain the u-boot and kernel. The HDD/SSD just contain the root file system. So the method copy the u-boot and kernel to the SD card is the same as http://sunxi.org/Manual_build_howto.
The different works come. Create a ext4 file system on your HDD/SDD. Then copy the root file system to the hard drive that you want to install.
Also we should change the boot parameters in boot.src or uEvn.txt.
For boot.src, we should change the content in boot.cmd, and then make the new boot.cmd to boot.src.
In the boot.cmd or uEnv.txt, we should change the specific content :
  1. root=/dev/mmcblk0p2    //boot from SD card
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  1. root=/dev/sda1        //sda1 is your HDD/SDD ext4 partition your root file system are in.
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How can I do this with the Linaro image, 2.0 ?

If I mount /dev/mmcblk0p1, I can see

-rw-r--r-- 1 root root     245 May  6  2014 boot.scr
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root   47052 May  6  2014 script.bin
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 4602744 May  6  2014 uImage

so how can I change this to boot the rootfs from another partition/drive?

I can see root parameter in boot.scr, but that's a binary file, can't edit it.


Thank you for your hint. My Banana Pi almost instantly boots from a hard disk simply by changing the uEnv.txt file. I copied the contents of a tested SD-Card to the harddisk using clonezilla. Afterwards I changed the partition size on the harddisk using PartedMagic. Now my Raspbian wheezy is running very fast on an huge 500GB file system.

My next step will be to configure a swap space on the harddisk.

Reply 4# IjonTichy

   Dear IjonTichy, can you give some tips... i do clone the sd card like you did. it seems i can't get it works.first i clone the sd card using dd and then i change the uEnv on sd card file root=/dev/sda1 and sda2 both doesn't work. then i realise that the cloned image supposed to same as the sd card so i change it too after mount it. still i don't get it work.

anyway i did missed something here, right?
from what i read, that booting directly from hdd is imposible. so it means it supposed to boot from sdcard. however which partition then i should change on the uenv file for sd card and also for the cloned image on hdd?
or i have to generate boot.src and then Create uEnv.txt as well copying the uImage and script.bin files into the first partition?


Reply 5# h4uw1n3

look here : http://forum.lemaker.org/3087-1-1-bananian_from_dev_sda1_.html

hope your hdd is a sata one and not usb...

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