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I found this guide on how to install the Plex Media Server.
Works for me, although haven't really tested it but adding files and playing them on my Samsung TV / iPad works.
i have installed the pms succesfull, but i can't add any folders...
i don't have a browse link and the manual added path is not working too.
can u help me?

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Yeah, I can't browse either. Not sure why.
But since the server process runs in a chroot environment the path to your files might be different.

I for example have all my media on a USB hard drive mounted in /mnt/media. To make this available in the chroot I have removed the following entry from the fstab
  1. /mnt             /chroots/wheezy-armel/mnt             none bind 0 0
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and replaced it with the following
  1. /mnt/media                /chroots/wheezy-armel/mnt/media       none bind 0 0
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Now first make sure the files are available in the chroot environment by changing into it.
  1. root@bananapi:~# chroot /chroots/wheezy-armel/
  2. (wheezyArmel)root@bananapi:/# cd /mnt/media/
  3. (wheezyArmel)root@bananapi:/mnt/media# ls
  4. !disabled  Kinderfilme  Kinderserien  Movies  Privat  Shorts  TV-Serien  iTunes U
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So, now when you add a new Library in Plex I (for example) use the path
  1. /mnt/media/Movies
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I've also downloaded the drobo version from plex websie. However when I just want to start it up (no chroot etc) ./ I get an error.

./Plex Media Server: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

anyone know how to resolve this?

You have to use chroot because the binaries of the drobo are armv5 and the BPI has a armv7.

too bad.. i hope they will release an armv7 version soon.. for now I will leave it alone and try with minidlna instead.

It works good enough for me!  Thanks! Thanks!  Thanks!

Thanks you! Plex is amasing. On my samsung smart tv it works perfect.
But i cant wath films from browser.

I am having no luck installing plex on my banana pi with the bitbucket link.
So I am turning to you guys...
I have tried it on the banaNAS image and on .
What output do you have with dpkg --print-architecture ?
Mine says armhf and I have noticed that it means plex will not likely work on it.

What is you opinion on this?

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I installed and works almost 100%. But plex won't run movies with subtitles. Just stops when i select subtitles.  I thinks is a filter bug. Does anyone solve this?

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