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Hey, newbie here having a similar problem, but i didn't want to post a new thread in case it would be superfluous.

Much like the op, I too have been having a problem getting a recently-delivered Banana Pi to display at all. Now to clarify: the thing IS getting power, for sure. The red light comes on when connecting a power supply with the correct specs. It also has an OS image on the SD card, which is a class four  and over 4GB (8GB, to be exact) as recommended. The SD Card has an image of Rasbian Wheezy on it, and it is bootable... at least i would think so, considering I followed the instructions. I have attempted to remove all devices connected to it with the exception of the HDMI cable, SD card, and the power cable; still no display. Is there something I'm completely overlooking? Or is there a chance the thing is dead-on-arrival? Ive even tried the tiny power switch on this thing and it STILL doesn't display anything on my TV...

The OS is download from our website? Or from raspberry pi website?

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Yup, thats exactly what the problem was it seems. Figured that out last night when i saw if the lemaker images were needed... i take it that the Banana Pi doesnt support an OS installer image? Because i found that NOOBS didnt work either.

NOOBS didn't work on Banana Pi. You'd better download the image from our website. We will release the berryboot in th future to let users install the OS from the internet.

I have the same problem no signal on AV, the last images v.3.0 dont have signal on HDMI port just the signal is 1080p but need 720p for my old tv, only lubuntu can work on 720p.

Any good idea?

Some images don't work on old tv, check in another modern TV.

Android & Lubuntu v.2.0 work fine in my old tv with hdmi port.

Here I can fix this problem on default AV port

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Sorry but i have the same problem...I downloaded lubuntu from lemaker web site and put the image on the sdcard as showed in the web site quick start guide....I plugged in the HDMI cable to connect my HDTV lg with the banana-pi...a red light and a green light showed up just as I plugged in the power USB cable (5V ..2A)...but I receive no signal on the TV...could the banana pi be broken from factory?

I think that the os boots up because if I keep the pwr button pressed for a few seconds it shuts down completely...and if I pwr it without an sdcard only the red light shows up...any ideas?

Does the green LED blink?
Try disabling EDID in the file uEnv.txt(sdcard's first partition)

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