Default hostname for Bananian

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A very important information is lacking from Bananian's documentation: its default hostname! Many are running the device headless, and don't want to spend hours scanning for active hosts in a given IP range. And unlike Raspbian, there's no Windows-readable boot partition to edit a config.txt file.

Default login: root
Default password: pi
Default hostname: ???
i typed "hostname" and it returned 'bananapi'

that's also what it's showing up as on my router's "connected devices" list.

hope that helps

Yes, "bananapi" is right.
Added this information to

You "typed". I didn't type anything as there was no keyboard connected, nor any monitor. I didn't use the router for this connection.

Thanks for that Bananian !

Do you know a way to overclock it? It's needed for my test.

Overclocking is quite simple. See
Just increase the value in "/sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/scaling_max_freq"

My Banana Pi is running stable at 1200000 (1,2 Ghz)

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