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Install openmediavault-extplorer

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   A lot also depends on the quality of twisted-pair lan and Router controller

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Thank you
But I am looking for an Explorer which the view of the data allowed, whom this user is not admin, and that person can then only look at his data.

Do you know something?

Everything can be set in the permissions of users. Do not use this module so I don't know exactly what you mean.

Seeking an explorer in which each user can login and only the shares which lists the user may also view and edit.

I hope now you know what I mean.

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   Hi again cyryllo,
I have found another critical point in the power supply for the sata. In my case, the output of the banana doesn´t give the necessary power, so the hdd restarts continuously. I am using now a 5V. power supply to feed direcly the banana and the hdd and everything is working perfectly (30MB/s in transfer performance).

One appointment:
I have testet the OMV 0.1 image (based on raspbian) and also an installation of OMV directly on bananian 14.09.
Both works properly but I have noted that the bananian case takes less space in the mmc and the web interface access is more fluid.

Use the same SD card on both systems?

With Bananan had problems with dependencies so it gave up.

Update the system also Bananasomv because I entered a few tweaks.

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   Yes, I used the same sd card, (an also the same hardware).
I followed this tutorial for installation of OMV:

before that I installed bananian and ran the configuration utility, as described in official web, to setup locales.

At the moment the system is working properly.
I plan to continue testing both systems more intensively.

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Share when You end test


Do you have any news about transmissionbt??

I have seen in other forum that it is being complied for armhf, but i don't have more news.
I supose that many people is waiting for it (like I am).

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