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BanaNAS based on Raspbian 3.1. Was stripped of unnecessary packets and has been installed the application OpenMediaVault.

Dedicated System for the construction of the NAS.

Image can download from http://simplenas.comSupport for OMV in http://forums.openmediavault.org/
It is a well OS for banana pi

Looks good. However, I am not a fan of Raspian on the BananaPi. Can you install the whole on a Ubuntu 14.4?

Here you'll find a Core img Ubuntu Server 4.14 for the BananaPi
http://forum.lemaker.org/3007-1- ... er_14_04_image.html

Thank you

Hi cyryllo,

Grat job with BanaNAS and the 3D case.

I am testing the BanaNAS image and I have found that the sata performance is not as expected.
Writing to the SATA disk from other computer in the LAN, the speed reached is about 11Mb/s. This is the same obtained in a USB2.0 disk attached in any computer of the LAN, so i think that something is wrong with the SATA conrtroller.

I have tested also installing OMV over Bananian, and the result is the same.
Tested also using LVM in both cases.
In the log the disk seems to be identified as sata (max 3Gb/s) and configured as UDMA/133

In all the situations the performance is the same. Do you experience something similar?
(please take into account that I am a newbie in linux)

If you have a 100Mbit network speed , it's up to you not more than 12 MB/s. (100/8) I have at home 1GBit network and i have transfer speeds at 30 MB/s for SATA and 20 MB/s for USB (average) Max to 45MB/s

Thanks for your answer Cyryllo,

I also have a 1 Gbit network at home.
I have other PC´s working in the LAN and transfering at the speeds you comment.
May be that the eth interface on the BananaPi is not configured correctly?
Do you know how can I check this configuration of the Ethernet interface?

The sata hard drive should be ext4 to get the best performance.

which use the file system on this disk? Fat, NTFS or ext3/4 ?

Install ethtool and chack and show
  1. ethtool eth0
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I like the omv system on my banana pi with a 3 tb hdd. But why i haven't a file explorer on the web gui? Can i not watch my files from internet browser?

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   Hi again,Checked with ethtool and the eth0 its configured at 1000Mb/s, full duplex.
The file system is ext4.

I don`t know why but now the transfer is working better: writting and reading at 25Mb/s.

I suppose that in previous tests the ethernet cable was not properly attached.

Thanks a lot for your help

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