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Control Arduino Uno with Banana Pi

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im new to the Banana Pi and Arduino, i try to control my Arduino with my Banana Pi. I connected them with the Banana Pi+Arduino Breakout kit. The Arduino get power if i start the Banana Pi, but i can't control my Arduino with it, i tried to use Lubuntu + Arduino IDE but my Banana Pi doesn't find my Arduino. Without the Bananapi with just a usb conenction to my Arduino it's working fine.

What i use:
- Banana Pi
- Banana Pi + Arduino I/O Breakout Kit
- Sunfounder Arduino Uno

This should work on Raspbian 3.1:

I'll try it.

Hm,  isn't working, won't detect my arduino.
Some suggestions ?
The Arduino is only connected through the Breakout kit.

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Perhaps you also need this:

It would be useful if you gave a bit more detail about "arduino breakout kit", I've had little luck finding it and without knowing how it connects up (e.g. what it uses for communication etc.) it's a bit difficult to work out what might be wrong.

e.g. if it talks to the arduino using SPI, I had problems with SPI in bananian until I compiled a new kernel.

Oh sorry guys :p
I'm a noob with banana Pi and Arduino. I bought this:
http://www.allnet.de/at/allnet-b ... eakoutplatine-2in1/

Sorry I've looked around and can find the board now, but all the places I can find it say so very little about it and how it's supposed to work, I can't really suggest anything other than contacting wherever you bought it from for help. (That's assuming no one else here has any ideas about it)

Sry, same here...
I couldn't find any documents about this interface...

Maybe you need ask the board sales how it work...

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