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I have a clear plastic case for my bananapi which is great, but there is rather a bright flashing green light that lights up my room

I've a feeling that the flashing is synchronised with the cpu speed? as sometimes it's constant and other times it speeds up.

Is it re definable? and if so how would I go about doing it.

Appreciate any help.

Thanks Mark.
You can turn off the green led (but not the others) by typing:
  1. echo none > /sys/class/leds/green\:ph24\:led1/trigger
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You could add that to the /etc/rc.local script to turn it off when it boots, or change the startup setting in FEX (if you want to venture into that).

More on leds: ... 7&highlight=led

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Ok that's brilliant!


I really like the plastic case of bananapi which is really great. In, I have read about this case. The working functionality and design is unique from others.

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