Lubuntu 3.1.1 username/password

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Hello,Just got a new board and used dd to write the 3.1.1 Lubuntu image to an SD card.

The board boots up and I can ssh, but I've tried all of these combinations of username/pw without success:


I don't have a display, so I have to use ssh. Can someone point out the exact username password to be used?

Thanks much
Try with:

Thanks for replying actkk2000, but it doesn't work with linaro/linaro either. I wonder if the account has been disabled due to too many retries. I'm going to try re-writing the image to SD and try again later. Good thing is I've tried the "bananian" flavor, and it works, but I wanted to use an Ubuntu flavor instead.

Even I also facing the same problem with my user id and password. Actually, I remember my user ID but forgot my password I tried to reset it, but failed to reset. I also started in rush essay reviews writing services to fix this problem but I didn't find any character solution for this.

Same problem here. Can't enter with any default access information.
All combos: either bananapi, pi, lemaker, linaro, root as a user nor as password allows me an access. After 2 years searching, trying, resting and trying again I am exhausted, desperate for a solution. Help!

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