Download the files on Xunlei offline servers

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If you owns a payment account of Xunlei, you can use this program to download the offline download files.project address:
  1. https://github.com/iambus/xunlei-lixian
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this project requires python 2.7 and doesn't support python 3.0.
some tips:
  1. ln -s  path_to_your_lixian_cli.py  ~/bin/lx
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this will reduce the keystroke.

  1. lx login username password
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saving cookies while logining
  1. lx login username password --cookies some-path
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  1. lx download id
  2. lx download http://somewhere
  3. lx download ed2k://somefile
  4. lx download bt://info-hash
  5. lx download link1 link2 link3 ...
  6. lx download --all
  7. lx download keywords
  8. lx download date
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more command you can refer to here
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