how to build wiringpi

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This is a smal howto compile and Installation of wiring pi.
1.) Update the sourcefiles for apt
apt-get update
2.) install the complete new files
apt-get upgrade
3.) Install the Files you Need
apt-get install gcc g++ make git-core vim
4.) get the Sources Files from github
git clone
5.) Change in the Directory WiringPi
6.) after that ist pretty simple to build after 2 changes in the build script
open build with your prefered Editor and delete all sudo prefix in the complete script.
7.) now make it executable
chmod 755 build
8.) start the script with
9.) install the files with
./build install

Be happy
Thank you for sharing!

could someone Change the build script at github ?

thank you, it works fine.

GPIO source for BananaPi branch at Github still suffering issue reversing intenal Pull-Up / Pull-Down isn't it ?
I have tried compiling the source for Banana Pro on Banana Pi board, the issues have gone, but the PIN definition become incorectnin Pi board.

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