Banana Pi + Enc28j60 (SPI Interface)

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So I noticed, If I load enc28j60, I can no longer set the edge. But I can set it before loading the module.

But if I set the edge, load the module, no device is in ifconfig.

Without loading the module I can export both GPIO24 and GPIO25 and set the edge.

This is With CS1 pin on Physical pin 26. And Interrupt pin set on Physical Pin 18 (GPIO24)

I use the CS0 for a MCP3002 which is disconnected currently.

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Here is what I have in my fex:

modalias "spidev"
max_speed_hz = 12000000
bus_num = 0
chip_select = 0
mode = 0
full_duplex = 0
manual_cs = 0

modalias = "enc28j60"
max_speed_hz = 10000000
bus_num = 0
chip_select = 1
mode = 1
full_duplex = 0
manual_cs = 0
irq_gpio = 24

If I set in /etc/modules   :


The Interface appears as eth1 in ifconfig, I can set Ip, etc.. But no communication. And the Resource is busy when trying to echo "24" > /sys/class/gpio/export

When I for example try:

echo "25" > /sys/class/gpio/export      

I can set the edge by:

echo "falling" > /sys/class/gpio/gpio25/edge

But this is only because I've assigned 24 to the Interrupt in the .fex, trying GPIO 24 or defining GPIO25 in fex file instead results in resource busy,

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I'm still not sure why I can't get communication. Is there something I'm missing with gpio-para config possibly?

I've spent a solid week on this. I'm convinced it just doesn't work. I'm also convinced theres nobody on this forum.

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please attach relevant sections of "cat /proc/interrupts"  and  "dmesg"

without loading the enc28j60 module,set up the edge triggering for GPIO24,then unexport the pin
  1. "echo "24" > /sys/class/gpio/unexport"
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before loading the enc module.
does it help?

I think I tried that already. I'll try again soon.

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