sata line for banana pi

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Where can I buy this cable?

we have order 500 pcs ,will ready in this week

Will this fit on a SSD 2.5 drive?  If so where can I purchase a cable from?


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Yes. I use the Sumsang SSD 840.

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this is how I made mine.
You have to be very carefull, + and - are inverted on the board, so you have to invert the 2 cables.

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You can buy on ... ing/1132390944.html
but be careful, invert the red and black power cables.

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yes, you're right.

I post my connecting way and mark the "5V" and "GND" cable to the right position.

SATA power connection

SATA power connection

geeze.  Why invert them in the design :S

Are the cubiboard SATA cables compatible?  I mean are those inverted as well, or is the Banana Pi unique and will burn your drive if you use cubiboard SATA cables?

If you have Cubieboard SATA cable you have to invert cables!

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