New Babana pi does not boot - Assistance urgently required

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I have just received a new Banana Pi and took a 16 GB with a tested Wheezy OS.
A red led comes on but there is no boot. I assume a green led should light up - as the Raspberry pi does.
The anti-static procedures were done.

Have anyone go any  tips for me?

Where did you get the the tested Wheezy OS??? Download from the Downloads section???

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No, I got it from the official Site at  --> download
Surely this is not a problem?

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The image you download could not boot. The cpu is different. The uboot and kernel are all different.

OK, but we wanter to peplace the raspberry pi with the Bana pi.

I'll download the OS from  and try to import the Python and C programmes.


Download problems....pleasesee my
entry under

Thank you.

I am using Win 8.
OK I managed to download the OS and used 32win to copy it the SD.
I then took the SD ( with no further changes) to the Bananpi and switched on the Power.
On the screen I saw tha the OS  started but then it stopped  outputing to the screen
and the red power light is now off any nothing is displayed on the screen.

Can you assist?

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I will send you another image for test.

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Please PM me your skype or email.

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It is better give out your boot picture

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