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I have a suggestion for this faster model once it stabilizes.
If it is at all possible to consider multiple models?
One without ethernet but dual band wifi, one without composite video.
Maybe even one with VGA?

I know this board isn't running just yet but soon enough it will be.
Having slightly different versions of the same board would make it
much more interesting for targeted purposes.

Just a thought I had when I was playing Mario Kart last night.

Good suggestion!

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The one reason I want to eliminate the Ethernet and composite output is I want a battery operated wifi server. Making the package as slim as possible would really be nice.

I admit a BPi with integrated wifi would be very cool.
HDMI is also an concern : many computer monitors still run on good old VGA, and it's easier (and less expensive) to find a spare VGA monitor than a spare HDMI TV.

Reusing good old hardware is always better than having to buy some modern hardware only for a missing plug. VGA handles 1080p like HDMI does. Without the 5.1 sound, I admit.

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Hdmi is good enough, believe can easily convert to vga and dvi thru adaptor.
A quad or eight core cpu, usb3.0,  min.2gb ram. Pc battery to keep track of time.
Casing which allow to add in heatsink and room for putting sata 2.5 hd.
Step by steps Tutorial with pics and links to help beginner.
alternative Pre-install apps in image for torrent, nas, server, owncloud, ftp, media player and etc, if not some steps by steps tutorial would be helpful
Optional items : recommended infrared remote, wifi and bluetooth device that supported and tested to use with device

Blue tooth would be nice.

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