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[size=14.3999996185303px]I have purchased a banana pi a few weeks ago and have experimented with several OSes.
[size=14.3999996185303px]I wasn't fully satisfied with any of them.

[size=14.3999996185303px]Most of those that had a GUI were lagging pretty bad overall. Browsing was slow, needless to say there was no GPU acceleration. Wasn't expecting youtube to work, but it would have been nice. Also, 720p video lagged on all of them. I think there are still major issues with GPU drivers.
[size=14.3999996185303px]From my experiments, OpenSuse seemed to be the best "general purpose" OS.

[size=14.3999996185303px]I would have wished that all efforts were focused on developing one or two main Linux flavors that are 100% functional. It's useless to have 8 alternatives that aren't working too well.
In fact, there is just no "best OS". I understand your frustration. The BPi can be quiet a "challenge" in some areas At the moment, I'm of the opinion, that you should have some experience in using Linux and especially compile software with it, in other words: In my opinion the BPi is a gadget for advanced users.

But I think, the BPi is still very young and the community is growing. I'm also confident, that GPU acceleration will run (close to) perfect with the time. Still you're right, there are problems, especially with the GPU, that needs to be solved. I hope, these problems will be solved..

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There is no one best OS for all users. To view Youtube in internet browser in Raspberry Pi, you must wait 2 years, after they sell first board. Banana Pi board is based on tablets hardware. And for mamy purpouse Android is the best solution.

Banana pi and Raspberry pi are the gadgets. Just like tablets. But tablets are cheaper (with the same CPU power) and more user friendly ;)

i think ill try answer this later today. going to install bananian when i get to my mail and unpack my b-pi

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Banana pi and Raspberry pi are the gadgets.

First of all, rPI, bPI ... *PI are sell as "development board", not as final user friendly, versatile and replace everything stuff.

The second point is, it's true that the lack of hardware acceleration deserve GUI usage ... but as home server, it is simply a total blast. I replaced mine, a power consuming celeron PC, by a bPI, and I save large amount of energy for exactly the same usage.
It acts very well as dynamic webserver, network head, home automation, torrent, media server, ...

So I'm very happy with this beast

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   Yes, I know, that it sell as developer board. But most of people don't buy it as developer board, but for specific application. Most of them is easier to get on tablets/hdmi dongles.

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by the way, what is the best Linux OS? I know Android is probably the best for all around performance, but I was hoping to use the BananaPi to replace my i3 HTPC.

Manage Zone Minder + Server Applications.

Is the PI able to do this?
p.s What's the overclock people have gotten? In lubuntu I was able to push it to 1.25GHz, anything pass that freezes.

@lesdodos: I am with you all the way! I have a Banana Pi, also. I thought it would be a great board for an HTPC, since it has a SATA connection and a built-in infrared receiver. However, the BPi doesn't seem to be able to fully boot from the SATA, but requires the MicroSD card for the bootloader (my BPi is connected to a small SSD). Perhaps not unlike you, I am a beginner in Linux, but am able to follow instructions well. None of the so-called experts in this forum seem to post anything useful or helpful.

Now, I also bought an Odroid U3 with an eMMC module. It costs about the same as a BPi, but it is FAR more powerful, and everything absolutely works flawlessly! If you plan only to use these things for entertainment/games/HTPC purposes, you might as well just buy an Odroid U3. I regret buying this Banana Pi; I might just sell it and buy another Odroid.

The people at Hardkernel (the developer of the Odroid) definitely have their stuff together.

Hello I think Android is more powerfull than Linux distributions, the hardware of Bpi is based on tablets for me like Lubuntu for download torrents or play music, Android work perfect with 1080p movies and play youtube videos without slowest

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