I Can't run Mixxx

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Hello there,
Need someone help me to run the app Mixxx on lubuntu for bpi, this app is very nice & excellent open source tool for deejays, my idea if someone can compile the source to run on ARM, from the .deb file try to install but don't support ARM.

Here the official site of mixxx

there can get the source or binary
Very nice program!
I know is not the same, but I gave you some answer here:

I suspect that until there is a proper accelerated X video driver for the BPi, performance is likely to be unacceptably bad.   I believe the wave forms are what need it the most.

Right now I see on Lubuntu software center

I use Mixxx on bana pro BUT there's a problem with MIDI,  Lubuntu won't load the snd_seq so no usb midi devices work..I need that solved ASAP

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