Running Docker on Bananian

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Docker is running on Armbian for months. With Vanilla kernel.

As igorpec says: It's working fine on armbian.
I use  a deb-package from .

Minor modification to [Service] to use OverlayFS like this:
  1. root@bananapi:/lib/systemd/system# more docker.service

  2. [Service]
  3. ExecStart=/usr/bin/docker -s overlay -d -D -p /var/run/

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Restart with:
  1. root@bananapi:/lib/systemd/system# systemctl daemon-reload
  2. root@bananapi:/lib/systemd/system# systemctl restart docker
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I found some docker images for BPI on their forum.
These links point to docker images. I think they will help ... ce-code-compile/437 ... nning-on-bpi-r1/449 ... 0-image-release/469

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