Screen turns to Red, Green, Blue when I want to step into Android for Banana Pi

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Someone help me find out what is wrong with it.I was just finishing the instructions for the SD card setup and trying to enjoy the Android for Banana Pi. The Banana Pi successfully started up. My SD card is 16G.

When I clicked on the "Application", "Setting", "My Favorite", "File", or "Web", anyone, the screen turned to Red, and then Green, and Blue for cycle.
IMG_20140515_145841.jpg IMG_20140515_145838.jpg IMG_20140515_145835.jpg
I tried two versions of Banana Pi as showed following many times. And I use two different storage of SD card, 8G and 16G.
The problem is the same.


Out of curiosity, have you tried using a different HDMI cable / or using composite ?

Where did you get the image from?  Did you get it from the instruction link? Or the downloads?

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Reply 3# Salvo

I test one HDMI cable, and one HDMI to VGA cable. The HDMI to VGA cable case didn't work at all, not showing anything.The HDMI cable case is the result I have post. I only have these two cables for now. I will try different cables later.

Reply 4# ChicagoBob

   Yes, I downloaded the image from the Image files download page.  I did the exact same instructions from oliver' post.   And I tried several times but failed.

First there is a link in the Oliver post. I used that. I dont know if its any different but the file name as not the same. Give that a try. Also make sure you make the image a boot image when you create the image on the disk.  I made that mistake.

I had issues like this that was fixed when i used different power source.

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