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I have this odd thing happening. I have an 8GB card and I have started to get a message that the system is running out of space. It doesn't make sense I only have about 6 to 10 apps loaded. Is this a configuration issue? Or maybe the way the image was made? Need a bit of advice on this one. Thanks
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In the android systems, you can see Sd card tag from the File browser. It has about  5.3 GB free space for save things.  This is the similar to an external SD card that plugs into a mobile phone. By default, I think the apps are not installed here. They are installed in the space similar to the inner space of a mobile phone.

I noticed today using an app call system manager that the system drive was only allocated 1GB. Thats far to small. I think you should keep that in mind when you make the next build. I placed everything I could to the SD drive and still have only 300MB left which isnt very much.
I am going to look for a way to repartition the drive but I feel that will be destructive.
If I cant find one can you take a look into resizing the image?

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