Problem with modified Android image!

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Since I've found out how to get DragonFace working, I wanted to create my own modified Android image, with own APKs in it and so on.
But everytime I'm creating a image, PhoenixCard stops after "[data] success" and a Windows Pop-Up says " PhoenixCard Mircosoft doesnt work anymore ... "


When I'm burning original Android images( like the version from or the "Clean Version with XBMC" from the forum) it works.
the problem occurs too, when I do not modify anything and just press the save button in DragonFace.

Can somebody help me?
I have no idea why this happens...

greets from Germany!
just i ingnore it and try burn the image that you modified into sad card. Maybe the modification has took effect

Thanks for answering tony_zhang!

But PhoenixCard stopped working..

How is it possible to burn it to sd card on windows except with PhoenixCard?

Okay it works!
Thanks, after waiting a few seconds after this message, the image is full burned!

When building with DragonFace - do you get any errors?
If you are trying to modify 4.4 image, remove all lines starting with a # in the system settings

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No I havent got any error while working with DragonFace.  I could save every *.img file without any problems.

I'm using the Android 4.2 Image from this source: ... ean_with_xbmc_.html

And my new problem is:
The SD-Card is not mounted and so mxplayer is not working and I cannot install any other apps.
I've tried to fix it manually ( ... &extra=page%3D1), but the fix was already applied and so it does not take any effect.

I think this problem occurs because of the error while bruning the image to the sdcard with PhoenixCard...

Is there any other way to burn a image to the sdcard with Android on it?

Because I think, I will not be alone with this problem when more people try to use DragonFace and make their custom roms..

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There's another image of Android 4.2.2 at ending with -8.IMG.7z. You can burn that normally (first format with SD-Formatter, Format size adjustment ON , then burn to SDCard with Win32 Diskimager).
I think there the fix has already been made, otherwise use dlanor's method with ES file explorer...
Otherwise you're in for a trial, I've been trying to build a working Android-ROM with DragonFace  for days now. Sometimes it boots up once and then never again, sometimes not at all,just removing the "#"s in the config...

Okey, I'll give it a try Wurstbrot!

When it works, I'll tell you.

Okey this image works and can be burned with the -dd command and the SD card is mounted too, but it can't be read by DragonFace.

And so with this image I got:

If somebody could explain, how to build a Android image for the bananpi, I could build a image by myself without those problems..

But after 3 hours of googling, xda searching and 3GB of *.img files and compilers I have no idea how to solve this problem and how to build a Android image by myself...

Welcome to the club.  I followed no less than 6 methods and 3 versions of Ubuntu (18 or 20 times) to install all the software and prerequisites to be able to build the mythical Android image.
Nothing worked.  I came close by downloading a pre-made Ubuntu for compiling, but even it would not work.

I offered a $150 reward in the Google group for anyone that could provide me either explicit instructions from installing Ubuntu to typing 'make' to generate an Android image or a virtualbox image that would do the same.  In less than 48 hours there have been 35 views but nobody appears to want my money.....

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