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Links mentioned are not available. Also where to fing Berryboot which works for BPI.

Check Armbian. Those images are tested and are still supported.


Edited by sdg123 at Jul 01, 2016 01:53

There is Berryboot available on lemaker site, but using that I need to enter password for encrypted partition. I have used encryption with initramfs on raspberry pi and I can use it without manually entering password.

Yes, last update = September 2014, no one is supporting this ... so good luck.

Armbian images has boot and root joined so it's not possible to have encrypt root FS out of the box. If you use (install / move with nand-sata-install script) rootfs on SATA/USB, than it should be possible in any kernel / combination. It's enabled in kernel.

I'm able to encrypt Ubuntu mate using Berryboot but I want to skip mmcblk paraphrase part, is it possible to store it in any conf file ?

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