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- Bananian 14.09 (91.3 MB) - DOWNLOAD HERE
- Raspbian 3.1 (730.2 MB) - DOWNLOAD HERE
- Lubuntu 3.1.1 (552.7 MB) - DOWNLOAD HERE
- ArchLinux 2.0 (168.8 MB) - DOWNLOAD HERE
- Gentoo 1.0 (233.2 MB) - DOWNLOAD HERE

How to Install
Unzip using 7-Zip. Put the image (.img) file on a USB stick. In Berryboot go to the “Operating system installer”, hold down your mouse button over “Add OS” and select “Install from USB stick”. If your image prefers to have a certain memory split use the extension .img128 .img192, .img224 or .img240 instead of .img.

Thanks a lot. I installed Bananian 14.09, Lubuntu 3.1.1 and Raspbian 3.1 and they all seem to work nicely.

I followed the berryboot instructions for 'adding your own..' using the BanaNas image (http://bananas.gda.pl/pobierz/) and it works for that one as well.

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Found the right thread for what I wanted to say!!!

Did anyone try doing these conversions using squashfs.exe for Windows?

Download from http://download.nicksoft.info/linux/backuplivecd/squashfs-tools.zip

I would really like to to know the trick as I have no Linux PC (unless there's a way of doing it from within the Pi using Terminal......)

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If you want to create your own BerryBoot images for your Banana Pi, use the script that I have created for "us", beginners:


Just wonder if this will work for every image or just for some of them..

Sebster replied at Sat Jan 3, 2015 05:13
Just wonder if this will work for every image or just for some of them..


It will work for all .

Except Android I think (as that has a extensive partion layout)

Also, note:
Berryboot still uses it's own kernel when running each image.

Thank you two!

Anyone get this to work for BPro, especially Lubuntu 1412?  I tried the procedure and it wouldn't boot.  Possibly my problem.


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