Question: where can I find the schematic for Banana Pi

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Hi All,
  I try to step to step from boot loader to Linux kernel and File system, however I can not find the schematic for Banana Pi, so where can I find it?
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Does somebody know where can I find the schematics of Banana Pro board? Regards.

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Have sent private message to you.

I'm also interested in the schematics and / or block schematics, are they available for download somewhere?

Hi , I would also like to know whether the schematics and any other technical design information is available for download. Thank you.

Are the two CAN pins, CAN-TX and CAN-RX available somewhere? I assume that a CAN transceiver is not on board. CAN pins are enough to connect a transceiver via a small extension board. Please let me know how to get the schematics.

Hallo Guys,

the Blockdiagramm you can find on ... gramm_BananaPI.pdf. More Details/Picture/CE etc.



I cannot seem to find a schematic diagram anywhere in these forums .. Where can I find it?

Thank you

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Check your PM ;)

Hello, I'm also looking for a schematic diagram of the Banana Pi.

Can you help me, please? Thanks!

I'm also interested in the schematics, but can't find it ... available for download ..
Plz help. Thanks!

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