How to fix the missing icons in lightdm

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sometimes we may find some icons are missing because some icon themes are missing.
If your using Lubuntu or similarity system. you can repair this by using the following command
  1. sudo apt-get install humanity-icon-theme
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if you are not using ?ubuntu, such as opensuse, if you install humanity-icon-theme, the software will remind that the package is not found.
your can solve this problem by doing following steps.

A. Download the icon-theme archives.   download link
B. exact the archives to /usr/share/icons/
C. open "Settings Manager -> Appearance -> Icons tab"  and choose "Humanity"
D. Add the following content to /etc/lightdm/lightdm-gtk-greeter.conf
  1. [greeter]
  2. icon-theme-name=Humanity
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of course, you can use other icon-theme instead of Humanity

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