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And following on from the thread entitled 'SATA' also in the Hardware section of this forum (I decided to make a new post of this as it's slightly a different focus).........

To connect my SATA drive, I bought the following cables -

Two pieces for only 6 Euros plus shipping (although that's from China - but just 2 Euros extra for postage to continental Europe. However, they do take a long time to arrive so don't hold your breath!!).
Not quite sure what I'm going to with the second cable as I have no plans to buy a second B-Pi just yet.

One concern I have is regarding the correct orientation of the power plug into the B-Pi. The aforementioned cable has a 'keyed' plug so it can only go into the Pi's socket one way, with the black cable on the left (presumably GND?) and the red one on the right (5V?) as viewed in the same orientation as in the photo in this link:

This guy says he had to reverse those and if you look carefully you can see the electrical insulation tape where he's hacked his cable apart and put it back together again.

Even more annoying is that there is no screen printing either on the topside or underside of the PCB to say which pin is which (and yet almost every other cap and resistor and connector is labelled).

But using my multimeter, I confirmed exactly what that blogger is saying - plus 5V is definitely on the right hand side of the Pi's socket.

Second concern is about the SATA drive getting enough power. Assuming I'm using a Power Supply rated at 5V/2A, that should be enough for an SSD, yes? But using a normal HDD, I think I need to supply an extra power supply into the OTG socket, or better still disconnect the power lead from the Pi and instead take a spare power lead as a 'flying' cable from either my computer case or from a free-standing PSU for a desktop computer - correct??

Please, if you have good experience in these areas, share your knowledge before I fry my brand new 60 GB SSD and/or already existing (with important data on it!!) 3.5 inch 1.5TB HDD.


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@ actkk2000
Thank you for the link but it doesn't really answer either of the two questions I raised in my OP (unless I've missed something very obvious here).

Just posting links to other threads & posts without words of explanation or advice doesn't really help me.
Please confirm that you have a SATA SSD (which make/model?) connected up to your B-Pi and exactly how you're using it (for storage space eg media files? Or to boot from?) and that it works 100% OK (a photo or two of your setup would be nice).

Sry, I pointed to the link where is explained which sata cable is needed and how to connect it.
I have a Sata disk working like a charm, but is not SSD.
Follow my signature to see how I connected everything.
I will leave to you to test a SSD disk.
Enjoy! (that's what I do...)

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@ actkk2000

Well, as I had clearly (or so I thought) explained that I already had a cable, and it doesn't take a lot of knowledge to work out how to connect them between drive and SBC, your pointing to that link was indeed a little bit unnecessary.

It would be more helpful if you could tell me if you ever connected (power and  data) a 2.5 inch SSD to your Pi, or if you have only used the 3.5 inch HDD as shown in your photos which would be of course with only the data connector connected. (I assume the power for that drive is coming from inside the Ewell case via a 4-pin Molex although it's not clear at all from the photos.)

If no (to the first part of that), then I feel you cannot really answer my question about if the power cables into the Pi really need to be swapped, or my follow-up query about power consumption requirements for an SSD.

So I shall wait until someone else from the forum with DIRECT experience of the same setup as me can answer my OP to my satisfaction.

Nevertheless, I congratulate you heartily on your build. It looks a bit 'Heath Robinson' as we say in English (look it up in Wikipedia, there are also translations in a few other languages) but that is no way meant to be a criticism. Rather the opposite, because you managed from a bad situation when your CB died to make something really spectacular and very impressive, and that takes a lot of ingenuity and cleverness. Just as a matter of interest, how many man-hours did you put into the project?

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Well thank you for your comments, and sry if my experience is not exactly what you've been looking for...
But let clarify that the hard drive connected to my BPI is a Toshiba 1 TB 2.5" sata disk, not 3.5"
It didn't require any adapter or extra power source, but the sata cable blue and red/black offered in many places as Banana Pi designed for. I bought mine in Aliexpress.
Since I built this from Cubietruck spare parts, I tried to connect the sata cable that I already have, with no luck.
Later I found that sata line has inverted power connections, so I should have swapped them, but I didn't know it at that time.
That's why I noted this, in case you have a different cable and you can fix it.
And I have expended so many hours on this that I already lost count...

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Toshiba 1 TB 2.5" sata disk, not 3.5"

Well, it was difficult for me to decide on its physical size from the photos, but now you've said and if I look again I can see that is indeed the case.

But the Toshiba is a normal HDD and not an SSD, is that correct? Therefore it needs a bit more voltage and current, especially during startup but also during normal running than a SSD requires.

However, you are giving it power from the 2 pin connector from the B-Pi and not from the Ewell case, yes? And you only have one Power Supply into the B-Pi DC-In which is what rating? 5V and 1A or 2A? With no issues about the Toshiba getting enough power in that configuration?

And the cable you bought from Aliexpress already has the power lines already inverted? Interesting!!!

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Yes to all!
PS is 5V 3A

Good to know - thx for confirming all that.

So I should have no problems with getting enough power to my 2.5 inch SSD without overloading the B-Pi. It's as I thought, but I just wanted to make sure. From what I've read here on this forum and elsewhere, it's only when using a 3.5 inch HDD that you should power it externally. But in your case, with a 3 Amp PS, that should be more than enough juice (assuming the power rails on the B-Pi can handle that without burning up).

Sorry to ask this of you, but do you have a spare 3.5 inch SATA HDD that you are willing to try this experiment on - I mean powering it only from the B-Pi? If not, don't worry. It was just an idea.

Oh sry, I dont have one at the moment...

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