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Dear tony_zhang:

It's very glad to know there is a manual to rebuild everything ( )
However, there is another bad news when I tried to build u-boot ( )  :
  1. ➜  u-boot-sunxi git:(sunxi) grep sunxi boards.cfg | awk '{print $7}' | grep banana
  2. ➜  u-boot-sunxi git:(sunxi)
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means there is no configuration for Banana Pi.

I'm guessing Banana Pi is another type of "Cubietruck"  or "Cubieboard2"?

People would like to try out Banana Pi, but it does not mean we need to always guess what is out there.
So, can you please be more specific in giving out more details about Banana Pi?

Thank you very much...

Best Regards

Reply  loscar

The MAC address is dynamic, because  BP has not apply a static mac address. But yo ...
tony_zhang Posted at 2014-5-27 19:53

Use Cubieboard2

Try to use the "ignore case" parameter to the grep command:

~/u-boot-sunxi# grep sunxi boards.cfg | awk '{print $7}' | grep -i banana

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