Unable to boot

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Reply 9# ChicagoBob

  Every image, when we released, we would test it to verify it can boot.

When you burn the image to SD disk its easy not to check the make this a BOOT image.

Reply 9# ChicagoBob

   I cannot understand what you mean "format the image to be boot a image". If we use dd to restore a disk instead of a partition, there is no need to use fdisk to partition the disk. This is just because we restore the whole disk including the partition table.
   Does that mean that I must fdisk to have the correct partition and format them before dd the whole disk?

Reply 11# tony_zhang

   Thanks Tony. I believe the image is bootable. But I just want to know if I do anything wrong with my whole set-ups. BTW, I forgot one thing to mention. I had tested with different sdcard:
  • Transcend 32G SDCard which is SDHC class 10 card
  • Transcend 4G microSD card with adapter that is also SDHC class 10.

Reply 14# huchengtw

I worry about that the problem may be hardware problem. Please paste your boot log here?


I think I need to find a rs232 line to connect serial port. I will upload the log once I have it.

Reply 16# huchengtw

Not the RS232, it is a TTL

Reply 17# tony_zhang

   Thanks. I got it. I always thought that it was called rs-232. But I know that. I got one before.
BTW, the hardware vender came to our office today. I had told him what I met and brought him my board. After some tests, we found that, the compatibility of hdmi convert is not good enough. You may find that I use a small hdmi to DVI converter. I had used that for multiple boards, including beagleboard, pendaboard, raspberry pi. They all worked with that converter, but not this one.

I can use it now. Thanks....


I will take a picture of that converter and upload to here. We should tell others not to use it.

Reply 19# huchengtw


Please find the HDMI converter which is not work with the device:

HDMI converter1

HDMI converter1

HDMI converter2

HDMI converter2

HTML converter3

HTML converter3

HDMI converter 4

HDMI converter 4

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