Unable to boot

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Reply 20# huchengtw

Thanks for telling others not to use the HDMI

I also had issues booting, turns out that 4GB is not enough and you need a larger SD. I had 2 penguins at the top and a black screen when using the 4GB upgraded to 16GB and all fine, i think 8GB is also fine but not tested.

I had the same problem. It's not about the size of the SD, cause i can login the banana pi by ssh, yes, it already boot to the system. But my LED monitor didn't display anything. I don't know why. But i think Maybe something wrong about the HDMI.

Reply 23# adatxjp

If you can use ssh to login, it says your banana pi has boot successfully. The problem should be in HDMI cable.

Reply 23# adatxjp
what about the resolution of your LED display?
some display only support specific resolution. If the inputing resolution beyond this, the display will show noting!

Reply 25# poppase
I don't think so. Also it may not the problem of the cable. Is it something wrong with the chipset? just like ... &extra=page%3D1
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is it the problem of the sunxi display driver??? how to solve this problem?

Reply 26# adatxjp

The driver has a little problem, but it can work well. Most users have succeed in using HDMI

Reply 27# tony_zhang

I just want to know in which situation it works well and in which it doesn't. And do you have work around solution?

The only thing I can get to work with an HDMI->DVI adapter is Raspbian. So far, although slower, RaspberryPi is much easier to work with. Totally unimpressed that stuff does not work out of the box as advertised on the website.

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