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MPlayer and VLC media player Support

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Hi Guys

Can anyone tell me if they have had Mplayer or VLC run on the Banana Pi yet? Possibly on Bananian or Raspbian??

I finally get to play with my Banana pi tommorow but i know XBMC is giving people a hard time to compile it and watch videos.  Would like to know if a certain distro has a movie player that works ok.


so am guessing we need to wait a bit longer for tony or somebody to produce a fully working VLC with hardware acceleration and make it Apt-get installable?

I am waiting as well

mplayer is working very well. The union of external player with XBMC doesn't work well, but on my Lubuntu, following sunxi instructions, vdpau library works well (http://linux-sunxi.org/Cedrus). You need the modules into kernel and compile/install the library. Un Lubuntu modules are already loaded into kernel.
VLC needs an extra compilation. mplayer (apt-get install) works well, even if the latest version, compiled, is better (subtitles support).

Bye, Simon

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