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Resize SD Card Partitions

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I run xbunutu on my laptop and I didn't have a problem resizing the partition with gparted.

* Shutdown your banana pi
* remove the sd card
* place it in your laptop
* run thunar (figure out which partition has the /etc/ folder) Mine was the ~4 GB partition.  make sure you're not selecting an active drive like ... my /dev/sda is my main drive.  You might want to run `df -a` without the sd card inserted to make sure that you know which /dev/sd* it's not.  Otherwise you could nuke something really bad.
* open a terminal
* sudo gparted
* select whatever /dev/sd* was used
* select the last partition
* right click unmount
* resize
* apply
* close gparted
* run "sudo sync" in the terminal just to be safe
* pop out the sd card from your computer
* put it back in the banana pi/pro
* turn your pi/pro back on

Done no problem.  Looking at the login screen ... right now.

Xaneth replied at Jul 03, 2014 22:49
This ended up working for me:

From the command line or a terminal window enter the following

These steps worked for me. Thanks.

I dont know of any that are free,
I'd just burn a gparted boot CD , boot your PC from the gparted CD, put in the SD card and resize the partitions on the SD card. Shut down and remove the CD when finished. This wont alter anything on your PC. Only thing is if you don't have the CD/DVD drive in your boot sequence but you should be able to find info on the net on how to do that if you dont already know. Its quite easy.   VMware Training in Chennai    |   Web Designing Training in Chennai  

Thank you Xaneth for the tutorial, its working for me real fine. Easy to follow for newbie.

I've inserted SD card into my Linux Laptop and run gparted.

Before resizing

Before resizing

Screenshot-Resize-Move -dev-mmcblk0p2.jpg
Screenshot--dev-mmcblk0 - GParted-1.png

login as root and download https://github.com/a1d3s/Scripts/blob/master/resize this script
chmod +x resize
login as root again and run ./resize a second time , all done

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