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Hello everyone,

How/where do one start if a GUI is to be used with Bananian?

After all Raspberry, do have a GUI.

The likes of Xfce and Lxde come to mind.

Please contribute - thanks.
I think Bananian was designed to be a high-performance OS for the Banana Pi, yet very light on resources. For this reason it doesn't have a GUI, which would take a considerable amount of power on this small board.

Cubytus is absolutely right!
But feel free to install a desktop environment of your choice. Maybe XFCE?

I think what the question was is, how do I go about getting a desktop environment on Bananian. The answer to that is relatively easy, Bananian is a small Debian, therefore it works like on most programs on Debian, with the package manager. You pick a suitable environment and install it.

Since XFCE was suggested, here is a guide to that, other desktops work similar, I imagine:

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Why Xfce over Lxde? Any other suggestions?

What about compatibility issues?

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How about Mate? Will that work, or be to sluggish?

Is the Mali display driver included in Bananian?
Could i simply use the xorg.conf from the Raspbian port in Bananian e.g. with Xfce?
BTW: I installed the Raspbian port and installed Xfce and it works quite well and smooth...

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    Why did you choose Xfce over others? BTW what does raspberry use in their GUI?

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    Why did you choose Xfce over others? BTW what does raspberry use in their GUI? ...
EricaTee Posted at 2014-9-23 06:55

Just my personal choice

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