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    Why did you choose Xfce over others? BTW what does raspberry use in their GUI? ...
EricaTee Posted at 2014-9-23 06:55

Easy answer: because i like it more than other GUIs. Raspi comes with LXDE preinstalled, but it's a bit too lightweight for me so i also switched to Xfce on my Raspis and to Xubuntu on my Odroid... :-)

But your question hasn't anything to do with my question, isn't it?


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No GUI needed, if I want one I can install Lubuntu. This is server no plaything.

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You nailed it !

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Hi, i have installed xfce4, goodies (utilities) and xdm - but cannot connect to xfce4. Any suggestions?

Hi, I've successfully installed the lxde desktop environment. Simply ran:
apt-get install task-lxde-desktop

Rebooted and chose lxde from dropdown, works like a charm

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Did you get the full desktop with all of the applications and a browser?  I tried to install the same thing as you, and it appeared to work fine, but there's no browser or much other software, and I didn't have any luck adding anything (I didn't try for long though).  I didn't use Bananian from scratch, I added a (sudoer) user and did it from that account.  Not sure why that would be an issue though.

Anyway, have you got a working browser?  How are the videos working on Youtube?   

As for the server vs desktop discussion.  I want it to be a server.  But I want the option of starting up a GUI, if for example my main PC dies or has some problem and I need web access.

I followed the guide on and it didnt seem to work.  I still have just a command line.  Whenever i enter "exec ck-launch-session startxfce4" all that happens is I go back to the login screen.  

9wm :V

I don't think a light something like Xfce will take that much and you don't have to boot into it.

Just install it and if you want to use it (for example, to use a program that requires X, then just $> startx

It would be a nice-to-have, but I'm not a fan of gdm, etc. where they force a GUI these days.

Heck, you can't even stop it through init.d or service any more. If I want to replace video drivers or something and modprobe -r the old one, it makes it quite difficult. There *was* some non-intuitive way to do it in Debian.

Also, what in world happened to X's config? It used to make sense... >.>

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