Piggyback PCB for mSATA SSDs?

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does anyone know whether this sort of tiny hardware is in the works? Thinking about a small PCB with mSATA connector with an ultra short flexible SATA cable on the one side and a port to the GPIO pins on the other (using VCC-3V3 from there -- given there's enough power on Pins 1/17). Since mSATA SSDs are available with up to 1 TB these days and aren't that expensive compared to 2.5" SSDs this would be a fantastic accessory automagically 'compatible' with all existing case solutions.

Only the 3.3V voltage might be a problem if there's not enough power on the GPIO pins providing 3.3V?
Hello friend. I just got a industrial grade SSD card from RENICE. The performance is amazing.                       
And they're now presenting some free CF, SD cards and SSD to Twitter followers

Performance isn't an issue since the SATA port in the A20 SoC (or the drivers) seems to be the limitation. On Banana Pi I managed to get 48 MB/sec write and 120 MB/sec read with small record sizes after setting the CPU governor to performance:
  1.      KB  reclen   write rewrite    read    reread
  2. 1024000       4   48140   47336   122894   123570
  3. 1024000      32   48182   47776   116355   117078
  4. 1024000     512   47506   47094   111864   111329
  5. 1024000   16384   47164   47056   113732   112668
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(measured via "iozone -a -g 1000m -s 1000m -i 0 -i 1 -r 4|32|512|16384K"). And these values are pretty good compared to other A20-based boards, eg.!topic/cubieboard/7R4HlCDNCTU

Just to give an impression how such an mSATA solution would fit on the back of the BananaPi:

(mSATA-SSDs are 50.80mm x 29.85mm in size)

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