Network doesnt work when building kernel.

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Hi All,
Following the exact steps within...,_script.bin_and_linux-kernel

The resulting image boots fine, but I have no network only the local loop back.

Any ideas what I am doing wrong? FYI I am using "" for my root FS.
Did you use the default kernel configuration sun7i_defconfig-linux??

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Hi Tony, I am using the BSP which I believe you developed?

git clone

If so, the GMAC has opened in the kernel configuration. Do the ifconfig  command can see the eth0? I remember I tested the linaro image, and can use the ethernet normally.

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No I can only see the local loopback.

Hi !

FWIW I also created a new kernel, using the same steps, with added xfs. Networking is fine, please search for xfs and you'll find a tarball there ..

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