Hackaday Prize semifinalist : Web Security Everywhere

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Hackaday Prize semifinalist : Web Security Everywhere


In a world where digital privacy doesn't exist anymore, where journalists and hactivists couldn't securely do their work, where companies are spyed upon by various entities, and where Human Rights are cynically disregarded all day long, there is an urgent need for a tool to protect digital communications.

This autonomous device uses the available connectivity to build a secure access-point to make you bypass internet filters and use a secured internet or even browse anonymously.
Connect your laptop/smartphone/iThing to the device's secured wifi access-point, no additional setup is needed. Enjoy a secured internet anywhere, anytime.

It could connect the internet via a public wifi access-point, 3G internet via phone usb/wifi tethering, corporate cable network, or even your own router/ADSL box.

It is very easy to use with its touch control interface and its fully automatized functions.

It could run autonomously during several hours on its internal battery.

Quick details

Basically, it acts as a wifi / ethernet router and access point. It could connect to the internet using some random wifi, a wired network, or a tethered android phone (wifi or usb). On the secured side, it acts as a wireless access point with internet forwarding so it works with every kind of device : PC, laptop, smartphone, using Windows, GNU/Linux, Android or even Mac-OSX.

From the touch screen interface, TOR or/and OpenVPN transparent proxies could be enabled. This custom interface could be used for basic operation, setup and device monitoring.

For instance, the current prototypes run on Raspberry Pi, but I'm  actually porting it to Banana Pi, and later to BPi-R1 open router.

This project is in semi finals of the Hackaday Prize, and I need your help to access the next, final stage : the finals. If you are interested in this device, please visit, read the many details, watch the youtube video, and give me a skull (= your vote) if you like it. This stage ends on 28 of september, so your vote is very important to me.

Thanks for watching !


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Now, there are some fresh news about the Banana Pi on there : ... one-is-also-working

This is the perfect time to offer me some last skulls on the project page before september 28 and help me go to the finals

Thanks Tony and Peter for your help ;)


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