[Bananian] Script to install and configure hw-accelerated mplayer on bananian

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I am having a little problem with your script for Bananian.  I am using the latest (15.01).
When I run the script following you're directions it stops with this error:
Unable to locate package polkit

Does polkit have any other aliases, it seems Debian Wheezy does not have this title.


sbfreddie replied at Tue Jan 13, 2015 20:20
I am having a little problem with your script for Bananian.  I am using the latest (15.01).
When ...

I encountered this problem. Solved it this way: in the setup-hw-video.sh replaced polkit on policykit-1

First of all, thanks for the great script!

Does anyone know why 1080p is crashing in fullscreen (and fullscreen only)?
  1. [   vdpau] Error when calling vdp_output_surface_create: The system does not have enough resources to complete the requested operation at this time.
  2. [   vdpau] Error when calling vdp_output_surface_put_bits_indexed: An invalid handle value was provided.
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I'm attaching the script.bin.hw-video adapted for BPI Router.


8.43 KB, Downloads: 53

script.bin for BPI R1

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Hi folks.

I've setup the bananian with the script but i'm encountering a problem:

The mplayer won't stop and close after playing the video


the mplayer doesn't play playlists.

It always holds on at the last frame.

Any suggestions?

Found the solution.

Reason for not closing the player are the following lines in ~/.mplayer/config


just remove the last char


and the player starts without any kind of probs and closes as he should.

Also the playlists are playing now.

Hey @olee do you happen to have an image of your system that I could use? It sound good, would be very interested.

Did you ment me?
Yes I can.. think it is about 3gigs.. sorry.

Just a quick question about the result. I got it all working but there is a difference between nn2 image and this.

When launching a video with this solution of video decoding, the frame is always on top of everything else (like, you can move the frame but you can't place anything above it, not even the cursor) while nn2's image is like the real deal. If I open up another window (terminal for example), it comes in front of the video that is playing.

Do you guys have the same results or did I do something wrong?

I got the same problem.  Can't overlay anything on top of the video.

Any clues?

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hello olee,

I wonder if your script works on bananapi pro and bananian 15.08

Thank you

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