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Well, both the included version of smartmontools is way too old (current version is 6.3 which contains tons of fixes and updates to drive database) and unfortunately older OCZ/Indilinx-SSDs provide crappy SMART output (no idea how to interpret/trust the old smartctl's output).

Regarding speed: There seems to be a limitation with SATA on the A20 SoC (either by hardware or driver related -- which I would prefer ;-), approx. 40 MB/sec for writes should be considered "ok". The ARM SoC used in your old SheevaPlug is a Marvell (already Kirkwood I assume) which is also used in nearly every professional low end NAS system since these Marvell SoCs provide both excellent SATA performance and network throughput even when used simultaneously.

I played with boards based on Freescale's i.MX6 (SATA 85/100 MB/sec write/read, network throughput horribly slow due to a chipset limitation and some software quirks) and A20 (cubietruck). So far Banana perform's best when taking all parameters (network speed, CPU load, SATA throughput) into account.

Wandboard Quad:


BananaPi (using a Samsung 840 SSD that helps with random I/O compared to the slow HDD used in the tests above):

But every Marvell Kirkwood based SoC will perform way better even if 5 years old.

That's excellent!

I am looking for a more up-to-date replacement for my home security setup, I don't think the bpi matches the sheevaplug, and I was looking at the spiritual successor (cubox i4) but that's based on the i.MX6!

I've got about 4 backup / redundant sheevaplug servers, I may just think about some sort of cluster, now that would be a project!

Anyway, thanks very much for sharing your knowledge on this it's very much appreciated!


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