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when i try to use youtube in chromium it write that i need flash player. I search some soolution for banana pi.

I find only this solution:

sudo apt-get install gnash

sudo apt-get install browser-plugin-gnash

Now when i have flash player it write that flash player is out of date and i can´t update it.

Do you know some solution of flash player to Banana Pi ?

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With chromium/gnash solution, there sould be a popup, that says: run video this time (or something like that), but video will be laggy.
Flash under firefox/iceweasel is laggy, too.

These solutions are for the raspberry, but:
I've tried to install k-web or minimal kiosk browser, but it won't start up
Web Browser (or epiphany) was also designed for rpi arm6, but it doesn't recognize the flash plugin.
I should try android OS, but I kind of dislike this OS on banana pi. Maybe I'll overclock my cpu someday and try again.

Edit: Finally, I'm able to see flash (youtube) videos with debian + lxde (with integrated mali gpu driver) and iceweasel flawlessly, unless it is windowed. Fullscreen still lags, but when I get my heatsinks and overclock my cpu a little, imho fullscreen should also work. 1080p would be a dream^^
I am using the bulid of the user "nnn2", he uploaded his image. You can find it in: General Discussion » Mali GPU driver » page 8
I've tried lightspark, but the integrated flash player of iceweasel works better (shumway?).

Omg why Raspberry work without lags in 700 MHz and banana pi lags in dual core 1 GHz ?

It should work with Abndroid OS or XBMC (or maybe an OS with installed XBMC) right now. They play Videos in their standalone mediaplayer, not in the webbrowser, where flash plugin is needed. Adobe never released this plugin (or sourcecode) for ARM.
The banana pi is still young and its operating systems still need a lot of development.
I am waiting for some kind of "kiosk browser" for the banana pi, like k-web for RPI...

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