Why is the download section gone ... ???

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I just tried to navigate into the "Downloads" section of the site, and it just doesn't work.
All I see is an info box with text all in Chinese (incomprehensible to me), and a link which leads back to the 'Home' page.

According to google translate the meaning of that text is: "You do not have access to this information !"

What's up with this ?
Have the download images become 'Top Secret' for some insane reason ?,
so that not even registered forum members like myself are given access to them ?.

Best regards: dlanor
????I can navigate to it without problem.

Same here. Site is down...

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Since andre_207, bronco and I all see the same problem, while you don't, this indicates that the problem is caused by a difference  in how we reach the site, since that is most likely different for us as compared to you. I'm not sure, but I assume that you are chinese and resident somewhere in China, wheras the usernames of us who see the problem suggest that we are all 'westerners' residing outside China.

So one likely reason for the problem is some incorrectly activated geo-blocking feature of the site server.

Another possibility is that you as a 'Super Moderator' of the site have access permissions that no one else has.

In any case, please accept that the problem is real even if you can't see the symptoms yourself.
And to see that symptom you can always use the image link that andre_207 provided.

I get the same symptom when I use the link in your post, as when I navigate through the site menu to "Resources" > "Downloads".

Best regards: dlanor

I log out my account, and enter into the download page. And the Download page do not need any user log in.

I have reflected this issue to our web developer.

I log out my account, and enter into the download page. And the Download page do not need any user l ...
tony_zhang Posted at 2014-9-26 03:19

Well, I suppose that eliminates the 'moderator permissions' theory.
This leaves the geo-blocking theory as the most likely cause of our different results.
I'm browsing from Sweden myself, but I have no idea where the other guys are who suffer from this problem.

Best regards: dlanor

Was offline..............

................but now back online for me in Central Europe

I've just tested the 'Downloads' page again, and i can confirm that it is now working properly for me as well. So hopefully it will keep working from now on.

Btw: The page was never 'offline' for me.
But the page displayed during this problem just showed a message in chinese saying that I was not permitted to see the real page contents.

Best regards: dlanor

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