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rPlay port for AirPlay Mirroring

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We plan to port our rPlay product to Banana Pi, which will allow iOS devices to mirror to Banana Pi device, similar to current Raspberry Pi version, stay tuned.

The current pi version is very popular, we have received many testing requests:



vmlite team
It is nice, look forward to this image which support IOS devices.

Sounds great.... looking forward to seeing your rPlay product with Banana Pi.

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We made a port to the android version of BananaPi, so far working great, the only thing is resolution is only 1280 x 720, whereas Raspberry Pi can get to 1920 x 1080. Other aspects working very well, I will post a video of running iOS and Android mirroring on BananaPi soon.

and the Chromecast support inside rPlay works well too on BananaPi, which does not work on Raspberry Pi due to its much slower CPU (and thus not supporting chrome browser well), but BananaPi has no issues.

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This is great news for chromecast owners.

Hey there, I've been waiting for this kind of solution since day one when I got my two Raspies. The main reason I got them was Airplay functionality via Raspbmc.
I'd love to participate in the beta testing with my two PIs, an iPad2 and a Galaxy SII (If already implemented).
Thanks for your work! This is awesome stuff.
Somehow I have fixed this  issue with the help of Torngat app.

Tutu app apk which is an alternative to all the App Stores, be it in Android or iOS.

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