Blue dots on the pictures

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I wonder if anyone else has the same problem?

When showing pictures, or playing video, there are some blue dots in the dark parts.

The blue dots has static position(they don't move)
Some of them will flashing, like stars in the sky.
They can even be zoomed in,  when zoomed in,  they are actually vertical interval blue lines, flashing noisely.
When the mouse move over on them(zoomed), there is a noise-patterned dotted horizon bar(also in blue color) following the mouse cursor.
I guess a particular color is mapped to the mysterious blue.(though I didnot find out the RGB value of it)

What's the problem? Is it a software failure, or hardware failure?
On which distro is this happening?

On which distro is this happening?
actkk2000 Posted at 2014-9-28 10:54

Raspbian it is.

Sry, I couldn't reproduce your error...
Did you try with another distro? Perhaps Android?...

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